The area representative is a very important connection between the student, the host family, the school and OCEAN's
main office.  He/she serves as the contact person for the program participants and is available to assist them in
resolving any problems that may arise during the course of the students' stay in the U.S.  The area representative is
entailed with the following responsibilities:

Acquiring vacancies for international exchange students at local high schools.
Seeking and interviewing prospective host families in their homes.
Providing the host family with an orientation prior to the student's arrival in the U.S.
Maintaining monthly contact with the student, the host family and school personnel.
Completing evaluation reports which are sent out each month.
Assisting the host family and the students with any problems that may occur throughout the course of the

We realize that expenses are incurred during the search for host families.  Therefore, area representatives are
compensated based on their experience in the field.  The total amount of payment depends upon the length of the
student's stay in the U.S. (semester or academic year).

In order to determine whether or not an applicant qualifies as an experienced representative, he/she must furnish
OCEAN with both host family and high school references.  These references will be contacted by an OCEAN staff
member to determine the applicant's level of experience in the field, as well as his/her relationship with host families
and school personnel.  All area representatives are required to undergo a criminal background check.

Criminal Background Check Consent/Release Form
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