OCEAN's host families come in all shapes and sizes, to include single persons and senior citizens, as well as married
couples who are either with or without children of their own at home.  Host families are volunteers and are simply
required to provide the student with room and board, as well as a loving family environment.  Students are fully insured
and come with their own spending money to cover personal expenses, such as school supplies, clothing, haircuts, etc.  
Students may share a bedroom with a host sibling of the same gender who is at least 12 years of age.  The student
must, however, have his/her own bed.

By hosting an exchange student, a family gains exposure to a different culture and language, the opportunity to make a
new friend from abroad without ever leaving their home, as well as the chance to teach others about the American
culture and customs.  If your family would be proud to share your culture with others, please
contact us today, and we
will put you in touch with our nearest area representative.

Potential host families must complete an application packet, provide at least 3 personal references, and agree
to undergo a criminal background check.  Families will also be interviewed in their home by a local area
representative prior to acceptance.  Below are the required application forms:
Criminal Background Check Consent/Release Form (Please download a form for each host family member who is
18 years of age or older.)
Program Rules & Regulations
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