OCEAN (Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations) is a non-profit organization which sponsors international
exchange students, ages 15 - 18, and places them in volunteer host families and high schools throughout the U.S. for a
semester or academic year.  The purpose of our program is to promote international understanding, cultural awareness
and academic excellence.  OCEAN has been designated by the U.S. Department of State as a J-1 sponsor for the high
school exchange visitor program.  On the basis of materials submitted and reviewed, the Council on Standards for
International Educational Travel (
CSIET) has granted full listing to OCEAN in the 2017-2018 advisory list.

Making new friends is one of the many significant experiences that international exchange students are exposed to during
the exchange program. They also experience political influences and cultural diversities within the host community.  In
return, the host family, local high school and community learn about the student's home country, history and traditions,
which helps to promote international understanding.  Through their unselfish and caring commitment, the host family
and their community are rewarded with the knowledge that they are helping to educate future world leaders.

OCEAN is currently seeking volunteer host families for students who are scheduled to arrive in the U.S. in
2017.  Students are provided with health insurance coverage, are proficient in English, and come with their own
spending money to cover personal expenses.  Host families are required to provide the student with room and board, as
well as a loving family environment.  OCEAN's host families come in all shapes and sizes, to include single persons and
senior citizens, as well as couples who are either with or without children in their home.  This is a wonderful opportunity
for your family to learn about another country and culture without ever leaving your home!  For more information,
contact us today!
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