OCEAN's students come from a variety of backgrounds and must submit to very stringent screening and selection
procedures.  All students are between the ages of 15 and 18 and must have an English proficiency level sufficient
to participate in an American classroom.  Students are required to receive a minimum score of 222 on the ELTiS
(English Language Test for International Students).  Students must also have grades equivalent to a "C" average or
better in their home country high school.  All of OCEAN's students are thoroughly screened by one of our home
country representatives to determine their maturity level and ability to cope in a new environment.  In addition,
students are required to receive a complete medical examination, as well as any immunizations required by the
American high school.
Once all of these requirements have been met, OCEAN's home country representative conducts a personal
interview with the student.  All of the completed application forms are forwarded to our main office for final
approval.  After the student has been accepted for participation in our program, he/she must attend several home
country orientation meetings, which include his/her natural parents.  The student must also participate in an
orientation conducted by OCEAN's directors upon his/her arrival in the U.S.

While attending school in the U.S., the participant must follow the program's rules and regulations, to include
maintaining a full course load, as well as achieving a grade of "C" or better in each of his/her classes.  The student
is expected to become a true member of the host family and to participate in their daily activities.

If you are between the ages of 15 and 18, live outside of the U.S. and are interested in participating in OCEAN's
cultural exchange program, please contact us at
info@ocean-intl.org so that we can put you in touch with our
nearest home country representative.
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