ID#:  SP02
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  .Basketball, cycling, gymnastics, hiking, fencing, playing
the flute.
Personal Characteristics:  Polite, calm, friendly, helpful.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
MPORTANT:  Student is allergic to cats.
“First of all I will describe myself:  I’m a bit shy when is the first time I meet someone
but I suppose that’s normal.  I think my friends would say I’m generous because I
share my time and things, and friendly because I love talking with new people and
meeting new friends.  During the week I go to school seven hours a day, my favorite
subjects are Math and Biology.  On my weekends I do lots of things with my family, I
go to the mountain to the beach and sometimes we meet my friends and all of us go
to lunch on our house.  Another thing I like are playing with my sister, cooking with my
mum or cycling with my dad.  I have a lot of hobbies, so I’m going to tell you the most
important ones.  I love rock and pop music.  I like cycling with my family or alone
because when I’m on a bike I feel free.  Also I like trains, airplanes, trucks, cars and
boats, definitely all transports.  Another thing I love is reading because when I read a
book I feel inside the characters.”
ID#:  SP10
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  None
Interests:  Basketball, bicycling, fishing, computer programming,
hiking, skiing, flying drones.
Personal Characteristics:  Polite, smart, responsible, flexible,
independent, mature.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
IMPORTANT:  Student is allergic to cats.
“We are a family of five, my parents, my two sisters and I.  My sisters are 10 and 12
years old, so I am the oldest one.  We also have a dog called Yeti, who is very
friendly.  I am very interested in sports.  I have played basketball since I has five years
old.  This year I have changed clubs.  I have also played tennis, soccer and I enjoy
swimming.  Some of my other hobbies are flying drones, computer programming,
painting shoes and fishing.  I would like to continue playing basketball in the U.S. to
improve my skills and because the level of the U.S. basketball is better.  At school I
am in the equivalent of ninth grade.  My favorite subject is Technology and P.E.  I went
on an exchange program to France for five months and I enjoyed it a lot.  I’m also a
scout and I really enjoy it.  Living in the USA is one of my projects, so I hope to see you
ID#:  SP11
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  14
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  Volleyball, tennis, running, modern dance, Spanish dance,
skiing, swimming.
Personal Characteristics: Friendly, smart, nice, enthusiastic.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
“Not long ago, in class my classmates discussed the possibility of taking the next
course in the USA.  Since that moment I have not taken that idea away from my mind, I
talked to my parents and they thought it was a good idea.  Two days a week I have
volleyball training with my team and on Saturday morning match.  On Thursday
afternoon I go to English classes and someday if it is not cold I go running.  I consider
myself a funny, organized and extroverted girl.  I do not find it difficult to relate to others
and I believe that everything are achieved with effort.  I always try to be positive and
although I do not like being alone but I try to overcome it.  I do not like lying or
hypocrisy and I hate darkness.  I think I am a good student and I am responsible for
my obligations.  For that reason I think I could adapt reasonably to your rules.”
ID#:  SP13
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  None
Interests:  Handball, roller skating, swimming, listening to music,
watching movies, going for walks, cooking, baking.
Personal Characteristics: Happy, mature, confident, friendly, open.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  11
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I’m willing to spend a year in the USA because I’ve been there this summer for a
month, and I enjoyed it so much that I want to repeat the experience for a year.  I love
to travel, and I’ve been to many different countries in Europe with my family.  Also, I
speak 4 languages, Spanish, English, Basque and some French.  Basque is the
official language in the Basque country (North of Spain), and France is only 1 hour
drive from my home.  I’m a very friendly person, very open and energetic.  I love sports
and I practice handball, training 4 times a week.  I also like roller skating and
swimming.  During the weekends, I like meeting my friends, playing handball
matches and going to the cinema.  I also love listening to music.  In the summer, my
family and I always go to Ibiza, and we spend all day at the beach with our cousins.  
You are really kind to allow me to live with you for a year, and I will do all my best to
make this experience great to all of us.”
ID#:  SP15
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  16
Religion:  None
Interests:  Soccer, basketball.  He is interested in learning to play
American football.
Personal Characteristics:  Mature, adaptable, intelligent.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
IMPORTANT:  Student is a vegetarian.
“I think I be a grateful person.  I am sympathetic, emphatic, I think a little bit funny, but I
don’t like not much talk about me.  My daily day is easy:  I love play sports like football
or basketball (although I’m not very good), and I’m interested on learn play American
football.  I like to see football match or other sports like figure skating (my favorite
skater is Javier Fernandez).  I don’t see no more the TV, only for series, films (I love
thrillers) and news.  But I prefer better Youtube or other video channels than TV.  I’m
exciting to go to United States because it’s the first time I’m going so far, I want to
know the culture and U.S population too.  However, I have to say that I’m a little
nervous, because is the first time I go alone so far and so long, but I prefer think that
all come good.  I have no problems or concerns, I think that I have no problems to
have friends and overcoming obstacles.”
ID#:  SP16
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  Zumba, swimming, horseback riding, theater.
Personal Characteristics:  Extroverted, independent, mature,
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I have to say that it was myself who insisted on participating in this program,
because even though it is going to be very hard for me to be away from my family and
closest friends, especially during my first days in the USA, I think that it’s a great
experience that it’s going to be useful for me for many things in life.  I think I’m a nice,
sociable and hard working girl.  I have a brother who is two years older than me.  We
are a very close family, I love them very much.  I love dancing, going shopping,
listening to music, going to the cinema, traveling and going out with my friends.  On
Fridays and Saturdays, I go out with my friends.  I usually go to restaurants with my
family and sometimes we travel to other cities.  In summer, I go to the swimming pool
every day when I am in town.  My favorite subject is Math.  I like to have good marks at
ID#:  SP19
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  14
Religion:  None
Interests:  Soccer, running, skiing, swimming, playing the flute.  He
loves animals.
Personal Characteristics:  Joyful, caring, curious, open, independent.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
“The most important thing in my world is my family.  I have two brothers and one
sister, they are smart and lovely, also they are a little bit crazy but it’s funny, and I
spend a lot of time playing games and helping them.  My parents are such cool
people, they are dentists.  After school, I train soccer three times a week and I play a
match at the weekend, also I do physical education and swimming at the school two
times a week.  I like soccer because it gives me a lot of good experiences and also a
lot of friends.  I like skiing because I enjoy in the mountain and I like swimming
because I also enjoy the beach and the water.  I love outdoor sports in contact with the
nature.  I did two exchange programs to Ireland in a nice family.  Each time I stayed
three weeks.  My favorite hobbies are playing computer games, reading adventures
and mystery books, and playing soccer.  I love pets a lot.  I also like farm’s animals
and jungle animals.”