ID#:  TJ01
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  16
Religion:  Muslim
Interests:  Soccer, swimming, kick-boxing, spending time with family
and friends.
Personal Characteristics:  Kind, respectful, smart, outgoing,
independent, easy to talk to.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
“For continuing my education abroad I have transferred to a new school in
Kazakhstan.  Here I have met new friends and I have learned many interesting facts
about Kazakh culture.  I have lived in real atmosphere in their nation that has opened
many doors in my life which is a key for my future success.  In my school I have
showed excellent results and achieved many awards.  I have participated to many
kind of activities as example I can participation in International Junior Science
Olympiad in South Korea and also I took 3rd place in INTEX Olympiad in Dushanbe,
Tajikistan.  I’m very active person who is always taking part in any kind of sports, for
instance I’m captain of our school team.  About my family I want to say that I have a
good upbringing thanks to my family.  I have two brothers and two little sisters; we are
back up for each other.  We love to spend our leisure time together by visiting
historical places, having camps and doing other activities.”