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Host Family Application Forms:

Below are links to the forms that must be completed in order to host an OCEAN student.  Before beginning the process be sure to have the following information readily available.

  • The name, address, telephone number and e-mail address (if applicable) for a person that we may contact in an emergency.  This person must be someone that does NOT live in your home.

  • The names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses (if applicable) of at least 3 personal references that we may contact.  You may NOT use relatives or an OCEAN representative as a reference.

  • If you are a single person and have no children living at home, you are required to provide us with the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least two friends and/or family members who live nearby and who are able to provide the student with an additional support network for the duration of his/her stay in your home.

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